How it Started

One afternoon while on social media, Lee Vervoort was scrolling through and saw an article that WKDZ Radio had posted about the Dogman. He shared the post and said “hey, I should make a movie about this.” Instantly comments were being posted in a very positive manner. Everyone agreed that a movie should be made. 

Lee posted again stating that if he could raise enough money through donations he would make a teaser trailer to see what kind of interest it would have. In one week he raised enough money and contacted Fuller & Green Productions and said, ” It’s time to go to work boys, this is really happening.” 

This is when Spencer Balentine contacted Lee and discussed a partnership with the project. They came to an agreement and decided to tackle the adventure together. With Spencer being from the LBL area, it was a perfect fit. They have known each other since 1984.

While all of this was happening, Lee found out from a friend of his that he had a doppelganger living in Washington State. In general conversation they made friends through social media. The lookalike,  Jerad Stroscher, found out that Lee was in the film industry and said if he ever needed a younger brother for anything to let him know. Lee told Jerad that ironically he was about to film a teaser trailer for his next movie. Two weeks after a discussion over the phone Jerad was on a plane to Nashville Tn. where he was picked up and brought to Kentucky to participate in the teaser trailer. 

Many locals also participated in the teaser trailer. Once filming and editing was complete the teaser was released on Facebook where it received fifty thousand views the first week. A line of merchandise soon followed.