The Dogman is a mythical creature that has been known to stalk the area of Land Between the Lakes since around the 1960’s. It stands over 7 feet tall, has red eyes, sharp claws and a foul smell. The shape of the creature stands like a man but with the head of a dog and is said to have super human strength. Although it is considered a myth, there have been alleged eyewitness accounts by people who swear they have seen the beast in person. One such encounter was by a woman who was hiking in the northern section of LBL. 

She claims to have been hiking alone and topped a hill where she suddenly saw the Dogman sitting close to a tree. She became frozen in terror as she looked on. She says the beast finally noticed her and left the scene. She immediately left the area.

The most well known incident is of a family who had been camping in LBL during the 1980’s. Reports stated that the family was caught by surprise and mauled to death by the beast.

To this day there is no concrete evidence that the beast actually exists.